Clean Your Car Fast in Lewisville

We want you to be proud of your car, and one way to do so is to keep it clean. If you spend a lot of time in your car, or you have kids who eat in the car, it can get messy in there. When you are in a pinch for time, these tips will get things cleaned up quickly.

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Back to School Carpool Safety Tips You Can Trust

These carpool safety tips will help keep you and those children safer this school season.

Before you even think about taking the vehicle out of park, make certain each child has their own seat belt and it is secure. With a large number of kids and confusion ensuing, these kids can be riding unprotected. 

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The Benefits of a Car Cover

Caring for your vehicle can be an effective way to make it last for many years to come. A car cover can keep bird droppings, pollen or other debris off of your vehicle. It can also make sure that objects such as rocks or gravel don't hit a car after being kicked up by another car, bike or person.

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Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report using a vehicle's VIN number to determine where a vehicle has been, how many owners have possessed the vehicle, was the vehicle in question involved in any accidents, and so on. This information is actually very valuable if you are searching for a new vehicle. A used car is a great, affordable option, but you want to make sure that the sale is on the up and up. 

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Find Your Next Luxury Car at Charlton Motors

600 × 450?

Simply getting from point A to point B is one thing, but if you want to really enjoy the ride and feel like you want to be behind the wheel, there’s nothing like a luxury vehicle to make driving feel like an experience instead of merely a task. Of course, the only thing better than finding the perfect luxury model is finding it at an incredible price, so we encourage you to explore our exquisite selection of pre-owned luxury cars at Charlton Motors to see what sorts of exciting opportunities we have in store for you!

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Benefits of Lifted Trucks for Your Business

600 × 400
​If your business calls for hard work and heavy lifting from your vehicle, the first step is to start exploring our splendid inventory of used pickup trucks from reliable brands like Chevy and Ford here at our dealership. The next step is to dive into our selection of used lifted trucks. Why are lifted trucks a smart choice for your business? Lift kits add another layer of capability to an already-skillful truck to give it an extra edge when you’re managing heavy loads and traversing rough terrain, letting you make short work of tough jobs!

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Used Chevrolet Models

The expression goes "Jack of all trades, master of none," yet we don't think it's quite accurate. The folks at Chevrolet are certainly jacks of all trades, producing a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. "Masters of none," though? We beg to differ. Chevrolet makes some of the finest vehicles on the market, no matter what segment you're interested in. From the Chevrolet Malibu to the Chevrolet Camaro to the might Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet makes some of the finest vehicles on the market.


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Used Ford Inventory

In 1903, the first Ford Model A rolled out of the factory. Over a century later and Ford is still going strong. While competitors have come and gone, it looks like Ford is here to stay, thanks to one simple reason: they know how to make quality, capable vehicles. At Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers, we're proud to offer used Ford models to drivers from Dallas to Fort Worth, and everywhere in between.


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Keep Your Engine Cool

Mechanical parts do not operate well in very hot environments. That is why the labs where vehicles are engineered and tested are usually kept on the colder side. The longer a car operates at high temperatures, the more likely it is that it will experience a mechanical failure. That is why we want to be sure that you know the basics of how your engine's cooling system operates.

Coolant travels through tubes under your hood that absorb excess heat coming off of your engine. 

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Should You Put Synthetic Oil in Your Vehicle?

When bringing your vehicle in for a routine oil change, our staff of service technicians will talk to you a bit about the details of your oil change. This can include the type of filter that you would like installed in your vehicle as well as the type of oil that you have selected. At Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers, we carry a number of different motor oils that we can use for your vehicle; some are conventional while others are of the synthetic nature.

Synthetic oil basically means that it was created chemically in a lab. 

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