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As a third generation Texan, I grew up in West Texas. My family owned an independent auto dealership, where I learned all facets of the car business and how to treat customers. After graduating from Angelo State University, I moved to Dallas where I went to work in retail automotive sales and helped to open the new Performance Toyota (now Toyota of Plano) dealership. I spent 6 years in retail automotive sales before moving into indirect auto lending (banking / auto finance), where I had worked for almost 15 years.

Quality Pre-Owned Trucks And Cars At Wholesale Prices!

At Charlton Motors Auto Group, we offer quality pre-owned trucks and cars at wholesale prices to our retail customers. We are a family owned and operated business that has been in existence since 2001. We began in Irving, TX, where my wife and I operated the business on a part time basis until July 2007, when I decided to leave the corporate world and operate the business full time.

Rule #1: Take Care of YOU!
— Rule #2: Remember Rule #1!

My experience has taught me what it means to take care of customers, and how to make the experience of buying a car a pleasurable one. This process should be fun, and you should be treated with respect and receive great customer service without the hassles of a typical car buying experience.

Get the Charlton Motors Auto Group Advantage . . .

The advantages are, our overhead is small; unlike many franchises or other larger independent dealers. Therefore, we can offer vehicles at a much lower price. We can even search for your specific dream car!

We want to sell you a car that you can be confident in and proud to own. Our no pressure sales and, our quality vehicles at below market value prices will make your buying experience with Charlton Motors Auto Group something to tell your friends about!


  • Don Hooton

    Over the past few months I have been researching and looking for a nice used F150 Raptor. Throughout the past 15 years I have bought and sold a lot of cars, thirteen to be exact. I’ve never purchased a car through a smaller dealership just because of past experience when it came to shopping for cars and the perception that “I’ll get a better deal at a large dealership”. Recently I found a truck that was in my price range and had all of the features of a truck that I was looking for and it happened to be at a smaller dealership. The first thing I did was look at the reviews on Charlton Motors using a Google Search and the reviews were all excellent. I sent in an inquiry on a vehicle after business hours and immediately I got a response from Brannon. He was calling to let me know that the truck was available and simply to find a time that worked for me to come and see the truck. The next day, which happened to be a Friday, I drove over to see the truck and planned to spend at least 30 minutes having someone try and “sell” me the vehicle before I even had a chance to drive it, but that wasn’t the case at Charlton Motors. Brannon took my driver’s license and handed me the keys to the truck so that I could take it for a spin. While I was gone he and his team were at work appraising my vehicle. Upon returning to the dealership from my test drive I was simply asked if I liked the truck, which I did. Brannon wanted the evening to work on the numbers and call me back Saturday morning. Saturday morning came and I got a text from Brannon that his little girl was sick but he was committed to his word on putting together a deal for me which says a lot about him on a Saturday afternoon with sick child. The following Monday Brannon called me with the final numbers on the truck. There was no sales pitch like you hear at a large dealership like “wow we’re losing so much money on our car” so you must buy this one. He said here is the best deal we can do for you on your trade and our truck, it fit the bill so I filled out a credit app and was approved immediately. I got a great finance rate and went in on Monday and picked up my truck. Paper work took about 10 minutes. All in All I invested less time at this dealership, got the best service I have ever had and spent a fraction of the time. Don’t hesitate to look at any vehicles at Charlton Motors, in fact I’d shop them before you head to the “Big Dealership”, trust me it will save you time. Car transactions are usually very time consuming and stressful. Buying from Charlton I got a thank you handshake from one of the owners and it took me less than an hour of my time to purchase the truck I wanted. Thank you guys for the great truck!

  • Victor Robinson

    These guys are GREAT! ALL OF THEM. Quick and easy purchase of a good clean car! I'm sending everyone their way.

  • Great vehicles & great prices!

    Great vehicles & great prices!

    I just bought my wife a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban from Charlton Motors Auto Group. I worked with salesman Robert, and he was great. Because I purchased the vehicle sight unseen, I needed to be assured that the vehicle was straight and road worthy to make my trip back home to Charles Town, West Virginia. Robert went over each item that needed to be repaired on the vehicle, and when I arrived he had made good on his word and had those items fixed. That was very important to me. The vehicle drove home like a dream. If I see other vehicles on their site and I'm interested, I will not hesitate to fly down again to Dallas and make the 1,300 mile drive back home. They have great vehicles, at great prices, and make the purchase very smooth. Thank you for a great experience Charlton Motors Auto Group (and Robert). My wife is thrilled with her Suburban.

  • Go visit Charlton Motors Auto Group. . .

    Go visit Charlton Motors Auto Group. . .

    I just want to say thank you to everyone at Charlton Motors Auto Group. Brennon was a great person to work with he helped me get into the right car and was honest with me about my situation they will help you out rather you have good credit or bad credit. I just want to thank you for the help and tell everyone you should go and visit Charlton Motors Auto Group.

  • Great Service!

    Great Service!

    The staff over at Charlton Motors Auto Group were great to work with. They got me in the vehicle I wanted at a good rate and worked with me every step of the way. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Choose Gary Charlton Motors Auto Group, they won’t let you down!

    Choose Gary Charlton Motors Auto Group, they won’t let you down!

    Gary Charlton Motors Auto Group is the best dealership I have ever used... I was nervous buying a truck away from home, but Gary personally walked me through the situation and convinced me I was in good hands. They highly exceeded my expectations... I got a great price on my trade-in truck, while I also got a great price on the truck I was buying!!! Not only is Gary awesome and easy to work with, but Charlton Motors Auto Group has the best customer service I have ever dealt with... When I showed up they had everything ready to go and walked me through the whole process... If you want an easy and fast transaction, high quality vehicle, and a stress free situation.

  • Great Experience. . .

    Great Experience. . .

    Wow... Where do I start.... I have been looking for a car since December.... And Charlton Motors Auto Group was by far the best I have encounter since I started to look on purchasing a vehicle. The the customer service was excellent they made me feel comfortable didn't talk to me as a salesman, and what I mean by that is they didn't talk to me like they had a hidden agenda to sell me a car. They were straight forward and honest with me and I have to appreciate that more than anything else and that's why I purchased a car with them. I think I test drove the car longer then I spent time with Jared (Saleman). I was in and out they have a way of explaining things I wanted to know and not taking much of my time. Oh and did I mention I was a first time buyer thanks again Guys I really do appreciate it I love my car !!!!!!!!

  • Genuinely happy!

    Genuinely happy!

    Would you believe me if I told you that today my daughter had a soccer game, my wife ran a 5k, we spent most of the day in Ft. Worth at the zoo and oh yeah..... We bought a car?!!!! Well it happened. Thank Thank you Robert and everyone at Charlton Motors Auto Group for delivering a great balance between casual sale and informative purchase. I'm genuinely happy about my experience with you and equally with my pre-owned Expedition. When we buy again, you'll be our first stop and likely our last.

    Thanks again!! Adam

  • It was a GREAT experience and would recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle here.

    It was a GREAT experience and would recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle here.

    Robert was an exceptional salesman and made me feel comfortable in buying a used vehicle. The warranty they provide only backs up their confidence in their vehicles. I am very pleased with my vehicle and the customer service Robert and Gary displayed. I usually hate buying a vehicle because it consumes an entire day, but I filled out a app online before I arrived and was in and out of the dealership in less than 3 hours! THANKS GUYS!!!

  • I’m completely satisfied with their service and I will definitely be returning to buy my next car from them.

    I’m completely satisfied with their service and I will definitely be returning to buy my next car from them.

    I came in one Saturday and was greeted by Brandon and Jared and told them what car I was interested in. They handed me the car keys and told me I could test everything on the car besides the air bags lol. The car was exactly how it was described on the website and I instantly fell in love. I told them that I was interested in buying the car, but I was a first time car buyer and didn't have much credit. They explained that wasn't a problem and began the financing process right there while I waited. They were able to find me a financier for 0 down 18.25 APR for 72 months.

    Brandon and Jared explained to me that my APR rate was so high because I was first time buyer and didn't have any credit history and suggested that I wait til the following Monday and see if they could get me a better deal. THANK GOODNESS I DID cause they were able to get me APR rate of 4.5 for 48 months with only a 1000 down !!!!! They took out the time to explain all the financing and paperwork that I was signing, they answered every question that I had and told the truth no matter what I was asked.

  • Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!

    Worked with Brannon on purchasing my car. He was outstanding - quick, friendly communication and really made me feel confident about my purchase!

  • Couldn’t be happier!

    Couldn’t be happier!

    Robert is a great, down-to-earth straight shooter. We were joking around in no time and I felt right at home. In the end I got a great car for a great price in one afternoon.

  • A great buying experience from the outset. . .

    A great buying experience from the outset. . .

    Robert is a down to earth chap and very easy to work with. One time I was there, Gary (owner) came out and introduced himself to me and wished me the best. (This was a very nice gesture). Main reason why I want to write is that due to my excitement, I signed the agreement for a Sale price higher than the verbally agreed price. I contacted Robert and the first time he explained why he needed me to call him again in a few days and the second time, he advised that I could come and pick up the cheque.

    I went on the pre-arranged day and the cheque was there waiting for me and Paul (one of the owners) handed it to me. This means a lot to me and shows these people's integrity and professionalism. I would not hesitate buying another car from here and recommend them to anyone.

  • Good Experience, excellent service!

    Good Experience, excellent service!

    I have had a very good experience with Charlton Motors Auto Group, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to receive wonderful care from an excellent team that serves their clients. Robert is very good at what he does, and goes out of his way to please the customer.

  • Fast & Easy!

    Fast & Easy!

    Bought my 2008 Rubicon from Robert. Straight up deal without any none sense. I appreciate that very much. Thanks

  • Best car buying experience!

    Best car buying experience!

    The team here from sales to service is by far the best experience I've had. We really appreciate the wonderful customer service at Charlton Motors Auto Group! Brannon and Sergio are great to work with; Thanks guys and everyone at CM!!

  • Sight Unseen!

    Sight Unseen!

    Just purchased a Jeep from Charlton Motors Auto Group, sight unseen, other than the information from the internet. After visiting via cell phone I was very comfortable with this investment. Drove from Groves, Texas with no hesitation the next morning. Was a pleasure doing business with the entire Charlton Motors Auto Group team. All very professional. I recommend them highly. Thank you all.

    The May Family...

  • Brannon really performed above and beyond my expectations!

    Brannon really performed above and beyond my expectations!

    This was my first time buying a vehicle from out of town (online purchase- I was very apprehensive), and Brannon was very patient and corresponded with me mainly through text messages since my schedule was pretty hectic at the time. Because we communicated so much ahead of the closing, we were able to fly through the paperwork and I was on my way back home in my new truck in a flash. I fully expect to buy more vehicles from Charlton Motors Auto Group in the future. 2010 F150 King Ranch 4x4.

  • What a stress free buying experience!

    What a stress free buying experience!

    Gary and Brannon treated me with respect and in a very professional manner, throughout the entire buying process. What a stress free buying experience that you will not get at a run of the mill dealership who is only after a sale and your money. I purchased my 2010 F250 Harley Edition online through Autotrader. We worked all the numbers over the phone on the truck I purchased along with them giving me trade in value over the phone without seeing my vehicle. The transaction was very smooth and I would buy from them again! I also recommend them to anyone!

    Thank you Charlton Motors Auto Group!!!

  • I recently had the quickest, easiest, and best car buying experience with Charlton Motors Auto Group.

    I recently had the quickest, easiest, and best car buying experience with Charlton Motors Auto Group.

    Brannan and Gary are both extremely down to earth, genuine, and communicated with me throughout the whole buying process. Being as I had a unique trade, Gary called me himself to sort out the details and cut a deal. Brannan handled everything else seamlessly. I'll definitely be calling them again for my next purchase.

  • We were absolutely blown away when Todd did the impossible

    We were absolutely blown away when Todd did the impossible

    Thanks so much for all you did to find just the right truck for us. After our accident, Dick was devastated that his truck had been totaled. He was adamant that only a truck like the one he had (same year, color, mileage, etc.) would be acceptable. After looking for two weeks day and night on the Internet, calling and e-mailing lots of dealers, and going to dealerships, we thought that our quest was a lost cause.

    Dick stopped by Charlton Motors Auto Group and told Todd exactly what he was looking for. We were absolutely blown away when Todd did the impossible. Within a week, he found a truck exactly like the one we had lost. Well . . . not quite exactly. It was better – same year, less mileage, immaculate interior, beautiful charcoal gray (better looking than the silver of the first truck), with no flaws on the body, with a toolbox, and window guards.

    Working with you guys was great. You showed that what we wanted was important to you and that you cared about us personally. We will definitely be recommending your dealership to anyone who is looking for a vehicle. Thanks a bunch!

    Dick and Karen Williams, Highland Village, TX

  • We love the van we purchased from you   .  .

    We love the van we purchased from you . .

    THANK YOU so much for a great deal and easy transaction across state lines. Todd you made the whole trade-in with purchase smooth as silk! We found the van googling for a low mileage used van A few people thought we were crazy buying so far from home. With all the photos, car fax and information we received we knew we were doing what was right for us.

    We do not regret it all ! We received the spare key and owners manual and title in a very timely manner as well. Thank you for your professionalism and refreshingly easy van purchase!

    Ginger, Alabama

  • I have interacted with several car dealerships and none compete with your style, compassion and integrity   .  .

    I have interacted with several car dealerships and none compete with your style, compassion and integrity . .

    I want to take this moment to share with you something that I am pretty sure you hear on a regular basis. I need you to not only read this, but take it to heart. What you are doing is truly unique and you have a gift from God in that area that very few have. Actually none that I have run across. I have interacted with several car salesman/dealerships over my days and none, by far compete with your style, compassion and integrity. I was truly kicking myself in the back side all the way up there just knowing that I was about to have my wife and Twin babies go through a revolting situation just to make an effort to get a vehicle that would match our lifestyle. From the moment I stepped foot into your dealership I felt at ease, no pressure or sales tactics from anyone. I never heard Kyle, R.J or yourself once try and blow smoke up my rear. Sorry for the bland analogy but it was all that came to mind.

    You went out of your way to not only get us approved, but to get the best loan out there without trying to force a lot of disgraceful loan terms on us. I had a couple of appalling marks on my credit in the past but I am thankful that you and our new lean holder were able to see that we have straightened those out over the past few years. Also you were enthusiastic to give us the opportunity when others would not. You are a blessing to work with and I will unquestionably be one of your greatest marketing campaigners out there. I look forward to our future experience with you when we get ready to purchase our next vehicle.

    Kind regards, John (Chad) & Charla Scott
    2008 Ford Expedition EL

  • It has always appeared to both of us that there is something special about your business   .  .

    It has always appeared to both of us that there is something special about your business . .

    Barbara and I have passed your dealership a hundred or more times going to our office. We noticed the fine clean automobiles you have, the cleanliness of the lot and garage area. It has always appeared to both of us that there is something special about your business. . .

    We called and met with Robert who was very willing to answer some of our questions and was polite and respectful. He explained in fine fashion your consignment program and your trade-in policy. In a very short time he had our attention.

    As time would have it we both stopped by and met with both you and Robert. Yes, we both found that the world is a small place and we both recognized each other from the local golf course. You explained to both Barbara and I how your business operates and how we would benefit dealing with Charlton Motors Auto Group. I grew up in the car business and have seen it all. Met a lot of car dealers in my 64 years. I met and dealt with a lot of sales men in both new and used cars.

    As time would have it we both stopped by and met with both you and Robert. Yes, we both found that the world is a small place and we both I have been high pressured by sales managers, general managers and owners and to be honest I just hated to buy or trade cars. It was on the same plane as getting a "root canal" only worse. Your approach was honest, to the point, and straight forward. In fact, it was a pure delight and fun. This is how the car business should be, you have the magic! My wife is now driving the car she wanted, and I have found a new golfing partner. I wish you the best for the future; with your talent and the talented staff around you no doubt we will be passing your dealership for a long time to come.

    George and Barbara Ricehouse
    Jeep Overland