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Honda originally started out as a motorcycle manufacturer, and they didn’t begin making cars until 1963. By the 1990s, Honda was one of the world’s most popular and respected car makers.

The first cars introduced by Honda in 1963 were a mini-van and a chain- driven sports car. The sports car, called the S500, was unique in that it was powered by a high-revving four-cylinder engine and four carburetors.

By the late 1960s, Honda was making more conventional family cars. In 1973, one of the first Honda Civics met U.S. emissions standards two years ahead of time. Today, Honda is still known for making smart, fuel-efficient vehicles that meet environmental standards.

In the 1970s Honda went beyond the small car market and introduced the Accord. Since then, Honda has kept pace with the needs of consumers by introducing vans and SUVs in addition to cars.

Today the company continues to make the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord, and in addition they also make the Civic Hybrid, Fit, Element, CR-V, and Pilot.

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