Our Customers Love Us – But don’t take our word for it!

Charlton Motors Auto Group offers fast, friendly, no-pressure sales of Lewisville / Dallas used cars. The following customer testimonials explain why our customers keep returning to us when they need an affordable quality used car.

NOTE: Where available, the vehicle our customer purchased is listed after their name.

Don Hooton

Over the past few months I have been researching and looking for a nice used F150 Raptor. Throughout the past 15 years I have bought and sold a lot of cars, thirteen to be exact. I’ve never purchased a car through a smaller dealership just because of past experience when it came to shopping for cars and the perception that “I’ll get a better deal at a large dealership”. Recently I found a truck that was in my price range and had all of the features of a truck that I was looking for and it happened to be at a smaller dealership. The first thing I did was look at the reviews on Charlton Motors using a Google Search and the reviews were all excellent. I sent in an inquiry on a vehicle after business hours and immediately I got a response from Brannon. He was calling to let me know that the truck was available and simply to find a time that worked for me to come and see the truck. The next day, which happened to be a Friday, I drove over to see the truck and planned to spend at least 30 minutes having someone try and “sell” me the vehicle before I even had a chance to drive it, but that wasn’t the case at Charlton Motors. Brannon took my driver’s license and handed me the keys to the truck so that I could take it for a spin. While I was gone he and his team were at work appraising my vehicle. Upon returning to the dealership from my test drive I was simply asked if I liked the truck, which I did. Brannon wanted the evening to work on the numbers and call me back Saturday morning. Saturday morning came and I got a text from Brannon that his little girl was sick but he was committed to his word on putting together a deal for me which says a lot about him on a Saturday afternoon with sick child. The following Monday Brannon called me with the final numbers on the truck. There was no sales pitch like you hear at a large dealership like “wow we’re losing so much money on our car” so you must buy this one. He said here is the best deal we can do for you on your trade and our truck, it fit the bill so I filled out a credit app and was approved immediately. I got a great finance rate and went in on Monday and picked up my truck. Paper work took about 10 minutes. All in All I invested less time at this dealership, got the best service I have ever had and spent a fraction of the time. Don’t hesitate to look at any vehicles at Charlton Motors, in fact I’d shop them before you head to the “Big Dealership”, trust me it will save you time. Car transactions are usually very time consuming and stressful. Buying from Charlton I got a thank you handshake from one of the owners and it took me less than an hour of my time to purchase the truck I wanted. Thank you guys for the great truck!

Monica and Shannon Kelley

Car buying the way it should be. Small town feel, no pressure tactics, in and out in very little time. It is apparent that they are particular about the cars they sell. Pleasant experience.

Kelly & Brandon Andrus

What a completely different car buying experience this was! Thank you so much, Brannon, for making this so easy and so quick! As parents to two young kids (one being special needs), you got us in and out in less than half the time it has ever taken us to buy a car, not to mention the TWO cars we bought this past weekend from you guys! To send us home to relax for a few hours while you did the paperwork.. Well, we can't say enough good things about the experience and how much we love our new vehicles. Thank you again for making this an exciting, fun car buying experience (something we have never experienced in the past)!

Patti and J. Scott Lacen

My husband and I had a tremendous experience at Charlton Motors Auto Group. Robert took our phone call prior to our visit. He greeted us and introduced himself when we arrived. He presented the car with the key and enabled us to thoroughly inspect and take it for an introductory spin. Being car people, we were impressed initially with the quality of the car. After thorough detailing and further inspection of our car though, our impression of Charlton Motors Auto Group and their keen eye for buying great quality preowned cars has grown exponentially after the purchase. We’ve purchased new cars and have been left without such confidence; not so with Charlton Motors Auto Group. Their buying process was thorough and complete yet fast, simple, easy. Thank you, Robert, Paul, Gary and the whole Charlton Motors Auto Group Team for an extraordinarily positive preowned car buying experience. We will recommend this dealership to our friends and family as an exemplary resource for fine quality, reputabale pre-owned automobiles in the future.
Patti and J. Scott Lacen

Victor Robinson

These guys are GREAT! ALL OF THEM. Quick and easy purchase of a good clean car! I'm sending everyone their way.

This was an amazing experience buying a car here.

I worked with Brannon and Gary both and they took great care of me from setting expectations and being honest the whole time. It was fast and easy to do business here, and without sacrificing quality service and customer service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Great experience. . .

Brannon really worked hard to find me the financing I needed. Walked me through the whole deal and was a pleasure to do buissness with.

Very honest and fair treatment. . .

Laid-back environment - Robert went the extra mile and was very friendly and helpful. Will tell folks to check for their next vehicle here. Thank you!

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