Tips for Holiday Travel With Food

Transporting food during the holidays can be a disaster if it isn't secured properly. We all love holiday food, and getting it to a potluck, holiday party or event with friends is especially important when the food is the star of the event. Keep these tips from our Lewisville, TX dealership in mind when you travel for the holidays:

  • Get a smaller box. The more snug the box, the less your food will move around.
  • Use containers with tight-fitting lids, jars or zip lock bags to transport your food. Make it look great after you arrive!
  • Jars work wonders for liquids, soups and sauces.
  • Have someone watch the food while you drive.
  • Take a less-traveled road to get to your destination, if possible.

We at Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers wish you a happy holiday season and invite you to stop by our showroom for any questions about your holiday travels.

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