Back to School Carpool Safety Tips You Can Trust

These carpool safety tips will help keep you and those children safer this school season.

Before you even think about taking the vehicle out of park, make certain each child has their own seat belt and it is secure. With a large number of kids and confusion ensuing, these kids can be riding unprotected. Once the kids are all secure, then you can begin the drive. Let the kids get into this habit each day and warn you if they are not secure in the back.

The kids have a lot of energy and are focused on a million things on the way to school. Get them in the habit early of learning to only exit the vehicle curbside.

There will be too many vehicles on the roads in the morning, so only exit curbside. We have several different types of family-friendly vehicles here at Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers ready for a test drive.

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