Suspension Service Keeps You Driving Smoothly

Your suspension is what helps your vehicle drive smoothly down the road each day. It is responsible for holding up tons of metal on its frame each and every day. With time will come suspension issues. This is just a common occurrence. While it is not concerning that your suspension will need repair at some point in time, it is important to understand how you can spot these issues when they do occur. This will give you plenty of time to bring your vehicle into Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers to have the problem fixed. Some common signs of suspension issues include:
  • A bumpier ride than normal. This will occur on all different road surfaces, even on smooth pavement.
  • Your tires should wear at an even rate. If you have one or more tires that are much more worn than the others this is an indication of suspension issues.
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure. The pressure in all four tires should wear down consistently.



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