What Is a Blind-Spot Monitor?

After 2015, there was a requirement that new vehicles must have a rearview camera. These help with parking assist, as well as alerts. You can see the camera in the dashboard. You can also look at blind spot monitoring. Many new vehicles come standard with blind spot monitoring. Blind spot monitoring works with cameras and sensors. These can be found on the back and side of the vehicle, spending on how large your vehicle is.

For bigger trucks, there may be multiple sensors at work to help you see all around your vehicle. In addition to blind spot monitoring, vehicles may also have lane departure assist, which will allow your vehicle to tell you when you are drifting into other lanes. You can view these alerts in the vehicle diagnostics and display in the center console.

You can test drive a vehicle with blind spot monitoring, then you can check it out at Charlton Motors and Public Auto Brokers.



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